Arsenal, Messi, SimpleToLearn : It's a full circle !!

Posted by Unknown on Sep 18, 2011

I had to do this post. One look at the previous post and you would know why !! Life seems to have come full circle as far as Arsenal are concerned. 

Whacked 8-2 by Man U ( that was painful and this is me looking for closure) and last I heard 4-3 by Blackburn Rovers. Currently 15th in EPL standings ( to be fair, it's only 5 match  old) and Cesc Fabregas gone ( no points for guessing where !!) they have already been written off. But  somehow things have always been like this. Always been a young side having a good time on field, play attractive and aggresive football, individual brilliances (Thierry Henry, Denis Bergkamp, Patrick Viera...) and still written off at the first instance of failure. But they always comeback and with Persie still there and a host of amazing  players ( don't want to single out, it's my team you know). So let's wait and watch. 
Keeping  a watch at the standings...

And by the way Messi was in India and if you remember it was Maradona 2 years back. So really life of this blog seems to have come a full circle too !!