Mobile Widgets Simplified : It's Early Days !!

Posted by Unknown on Feb 21, 2009

In Brief : Mobile widgets are something I'm really excited about. Before I share my experience and how feasible these widgets are (on my Nokia N70-1, S60 ver2.6, OS ver8.1), let's learn a few simple facts.

Widgets : These are micro applications intended to perfom a single task. We all use a number of javascript powered widgets on our blogs, right !!

Similarly mobile widgets are standalone micro applications which help to access applications like Twitter, Facebook and various other web services we can't live without.

A no. of forays have been made in this field. Few which standout are ...

1. Yahoo Mobile Widgets Gallery
2. Plusmo : I love the Mobicast (Cricinfo) widget. Getting live cricket scores is really simple now !!
3. Widsets : Now ,this one attempts tomake all our favourite widgets accessible bu just installing it. Just install this on your Symbian phone and select from a no. of widgets. These will be displayed on the dashboard when we run the widset app. Just click on the widget, say Facebook and it gets you connected to your social network. Nokia supports widset, so we can have it directly by accessing the Nokia website from mobile.

The Problems :

1. Everything sounds so exciting, but the fact is the excitement lasts only till the stage where you add the applications to Widsets Dashboard. Add a no. of them and it will be the last time you access Widsets. It takes a toll on memory and refuses to open.

2. Also the widgets are more like feed and after a while you realise it's nothing more than a feed reader !!

There are upcoming ambitious projects like Bondi still in its early days which hold promise.

Final Word :

Still we can go for individual widget installations and you'll find they make your life really easy !! I guess it's "early days" as far as widgets go.

Till things improve stick to your Opera Mini for landscape-mode browsing, UCWeb/Netfront for tabbed browsing and downloading/uploading needs.

To know more about the prospect of mobile widgets at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona follow the Mjelly Blog

For a link list to download the mobile widgets click below to "read more" ....

In Detail : A list of mobile widget sites/galleries....

1. Yahoo Mobile Widget Gallery
2. Widsets
3. Plusmo
4. Bondi
5. Webwag

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