Simple ways for complete internet experience on mobile !!

Posted by Unknown on Feb 11, 2009

In Brief : Since the start of this year I have been accessing net mostly through my Nokia N70 ( Symbian 60 version 2 OS). Due to very less access to a pc, the only way I could blog was through my mobile. The following mobile browsers have simplified browsing web on mobile to such an extent that now I can do almost anything on the internet which I used to do on a desktop pc.

1. Opera Mini : Latest version is 4.2, though I have been using 4.1 for yhe most part. Key features in simple terms are :

* Landscape view which makes full use of your mobile screen. Mine is a 208x176 pixel screen, so I badly needed this feature.

* Downloading file and images is real easy once we set the right permissions to give it access to memory card.

** To do so open your program browser on the mobile and goto settings to
configure it ( not by opening Opera Mini )

** Then whenever you have to download images on a web page, goto Tools>Page
Information> Download Images and it will list all the images to choose from !!

* It has a mouse functionality which gives you the complete PC experience.

* Also it opens a web page in compressesd form and you can zoom in whatever part of the page you want to view. This is what makes it possible to view any webpage irrespective of whether it has been optimized for mobile.

In the latest 4.2 version they have really simplified browsing Youtube and added a no. of skins !!

2. Netfront browser : I use it specifically for dowloading large files as it has a Advanced > Focussed_info feature which lets you copy the actual download link which we can paste in the Fget download manager (with resume functionality) to download the file.

I will be sharing my blogging, uploading, downloading experience and tips in the future posts. Meanwhile " Read More" for download links for the above browsers !!
In Detail :
Opera Mini 4.2

NetFront 3.3 for Symbian60 phones

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Mugur said...

Hi there! Nice to be connected with you! I also used to be a Nokia fan until I become Apple addicted :) Now, most of my Internet experience comes from the iPhone :)
I really like your blog and the information you posted here!
All the best from Bucharest!

Point of sale Equipment India said...

M still using Nokia. I love the applications provided by them. And your article seems to be pretty helpful. I don't think I will shift to apple.. Not at least for a while..