IBM unveils 5 futuristic innovations !!

Posted by Unknown on Nov 27, 2008

In Brief : unveiled its annual "IBM Five in Five" list in which the company details some of the most striking innovations which it thinks has the potential to change the way we live in the next five years.
This is the third edition.
The 2008 list is before you....
1. Solar technology to become ubiquitous
With energy-saving technology a prime concern in the days of the current economic downtrend, the future looks bright for alternative energy sources.
2. Medical soothsayers
For less than $200, you will be able to predict your medical future.
This technology can go a long way in dramatically altering our lifestyles!
3. Converse with the web in voice
A miracle for the trillions who can't read or write.
4. Digital Shopping Assistants : coming soon !!
This not about the mundane, currently very un-interactive online shopping experience you're used to.
5. Forgot something? Hit Search!
In the future, it is possible that our activity will be recorded by cameras and microphones all around us. All these data will be continuously fed to a personal computer, which will keep all our "records" making them available instantly whenever you need it!

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