Mumbai : shun the crap about Spirit of Mumbai and stop to grieve..plzz

Posted by Unknown on Nov 29, 2008

In Brief :

I urge the Mumbaikar's to show a little less spirit this time and pray/grieve for the hundreds who have lost their lives in the terrorist attack on the city. We seem to be using the "spirit of mumbai" as an excuse to hide our growing indifference to the gruesome attacks which seem to have become a way of life here. I'm not sure which is better :
  • Going about our life as if nothing happened : to give a strong reply to the terrorists.
  • Stopping in our tracks and share our loss and grief together : a strong reply to the government that we have suffered and you better do something about it.

It's time to salute the brave army men, NSG,mumbai police,scribes covering the episode and valiant civilians living/dead who fought willingly/unwillingly.

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ANURADHA said...

I very well agree with you Rakesh..its high time we start a campaign against these politicians who made our life hell...its high time they have to give account of our sufferings..

Bcoz it has been proved that they r nothing less than bunch of wimps...ruining our country our future..

rakesh said...

reading the casual remarks made by some of these politicians makes me wonder as to are they living in a different world...

Takumi86 said...

Sorry to see how terrorist ruining your beautiful country :(

rakesh said...

that's the point, I'm not sure who is destroying my beautiful country, the terrorists or those in power...thnx for sharing