Nokia completes Symbian acquisition...terrific news!!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 4, 2008

In Brief : Nokia has completed its acquisition of mobile platform company Symbian. The acquisition, which was announced earlier this year, will enable Nokia to continue moving forward with its plans to liberate the Symbian source code and transform the platform into a community-driven open source software project.

After the software is audited to ensure that there are no licensing problems, it will be made available to the general public under the open source Eclipse Public License (EPL). Nokia expects this process to take roughly 2 years.
The completion of Nokia's Symbian acquisition marks a major turning point for the Symbian mobile operating system.
Although Symbian is currently the dominant platform on mobile phone handsets, its relevance is beginning to decline as Apple and Linux-based alternatives gain popularity.
Opening the platform and transitioning to a radically different development model could potentially attract a new development community to the software and make it more attractive to handset makers.
The move is part of Nokia's broader software strategy, which is now dominated by open source.
Nokia also recently acquired Trolltech and has brought the company's Qt framework to Symbian. A Qt preview release for S60 was announced in October for developers who wanted to get an early start. Qt is also supported on Windows Mobile and a variety of Linux-based mobile platforms, so it provides developers with a lot of portability across the entire mobile ecosystem.
It will also enrich the S60 software ecosystem by making it possible to port over existing Qt applications from the desktop.
My experience with Nokia N-Series...there is nothing like Symbian source model ensures that there are numerous third party softwares to do practically everything you would do on your personal computer right from web browsing/blogging to playing 3d games !!
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