Top ten "Science" breakthroughs: Stem Cell Research tops !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 22, 2008

In Brief : The journal "Science" listed its top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2008.

1. A technique that allows stem cells to be created without the need to destroy embryos has been named as the scientific breakthrough of the year.
2. Exoplanets
3. Expanding the catalog of cancer genes
4. New mystery materials
5. Watching Proteins At work
6. Toward renewable energy on demand
7. The video embryo
8. "Good" fat, illuminated
9. Calculating the weight of the World
10. Faster, cheaper genome sequencing
The latest areas of interest for the year 2009 includes plants genomics, the elusive Higgs boson, speciation genes, ocean acidification, and neuroscience in court.

In Detail :
The top choice, cellular reprogramming, opened a new field of biology almost overnight and holds out hope of life-saving medical advancesThe other top nine achievements are :
Exoplanets : Using a special telescope techniques, for the first time the astronomers were able to directly observe planets orbiting other stars.
Expanding the catalog of cancer genes: Researchers have been able to sequence genes from two deadliest cancer cells, pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma. They turned up dozens of mutations that remove the brakes on cell division and send the cell down the path to cancer.
New mystery materials: An entirely new second family of high-temperature superconductors were discovered. These materials consisted of iron compounds instead of copper-and-oxygen-compounds.
Watching Proteins At work: It was a pleasant suprise for the Biochemists to watch proteins bind to their targets, switch a cell’s metabolic state and contribute to a tissue’s properties.
Toward renewable energy on demand: Inorder to store excess energy generated from part-time sources like wind and solar power, researchers have found a new promising tool using a cobalt-phosphorus catalyst.
The video embryo: In 2008, researchers observed in unprecedented detail the dance of cells in a developing embryo, recording and analyzing movies that trace the movements of the roughly 16,000 cells that make up the zebrafish embryo by the end of its first day of development.
"Good" fat, illuminated: Scientists have been able to morph "good" brown fat, which burns "bad" white fat to generate heat for the body, into muscle and vice versa. This has led to a new approach to treat obesity .
Calculating the weight of the World: Physicists have been successful in calculating the mass of proton and Neutron from the standard model which describes most of the visible universe’s particles and their interactions.
Faster, cheaper genome sequencing: Researchers have been able to report a sequencing technology that is much cheaper and speedier. The technique can be applied from woolly mammoths to human cancer patients.

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Anonymous said...

Hi rakesh4ever, first time here.You got a lot of different topic here. Anyway, I like this particular post. I believe one day humanity will achieve immortality. Before, it is impossible to do a heart transplant. Did you know cancer cell dont die -secret to immortality?

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L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

I think little eatable nanochips should be on this list. They could revolutionize medicine

rakesh said...

Venkata, you can always say two lists ever match...even the rankings would be different for different people...
cheers !!