Wikipedia page banned : internet censored !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 9, 2008

In Brief : Make up your mind on internet censorship. The Internet Watch Foundation -- a nonprofit, nongovernment-affiliated organization -- added the Wikipedia page for the Scorpions' 1976 album "Virgin Killer" onto its blacklist Friday. The IWF's concern comes over the image on the album's original cover, which shows a young girl completely nude. Someone had reported the image as inappropriate through the IWF's online submission tool, the organization says, and its internal assessment found the photo to be "a potentially illegal indecent image of a child under the age of 18." The IWF's blacklist is used by the vast majority of British Internet service providers to maintain decency standards for their subscribers. As a result of the ban, affected U.K. Internet users are unable to view the page or access Wikipedia's article editing function.

I think they have gone too far. Form your own opinion. Animal Magnetism is their only album I have in my collection and I think going by the trend they may find it's cover provocative too.

In Detail : Washington Post story

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tikno said...

I also think they have gone too far.

blackzero85 said...

-.- That's pretty harsh but... understandable. Besides, nudity shouldn't be allowed anywhere since it breaks moral standard.