Hard Disk Recovery : Simple to Learn !!

Posted by Unknown on Mar 9, 2009

In Brief : Can't believe I just recovered my external USB hard disk drive partition. I have a 250 gb Western digital external hard disk, with 4 partitions one of which got corrupted recently. It seemed like I would end up losing 80 gb worth of movies and software. But after numerous attempts I discovered the simplest partition recovery software of all.

Testdisk 6.10 is a freeware and an amazingly simple software. It can run on almost all operating systems. The console look might be a turn-off for some but believe me it's really simple to learn.
Here's how I did it -

The green highlight belowis the lost partition.

There are a host of other recovery softwares we can go for. For a complete list of such softwares click below to read more :

In Detail :
Comprehensive review list of recovery softwares !!

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