Simple2Learn formatted : 5 posts a week !!

Posted by Unknown on Mar 20, 2009

In Brief :
Keeping in mind the random nature of posts ( all aimed at making it really simple to learn), I have decided to assign particular days for particular categories of post. I have been thinking about it and I guess I might well try it out. This is how I intend to go about the much needed formatting of Simple2Learn (as of now !!).
Monday : " Symbian Mobile How To " . Some examples of posts that would fall under this category are,

Tuesday : " Simple Tech " Here we'll try to simplify some tech topics we have heard about but haven't quite understood. A few examples ,

Wednesday : " Web/Software How To " . A few examples,

Friday : " Movie/Entertainment Simplified " . This will be the weekend post. One for the movie buffs from a fellow movie buff.

Saturday : " Blogs/Links of the week " . Here I'll share some amazing websites and try tofeature fellow blogs.

Wow, 5 posts a week seems too much. Let's see how it goes. Hopefully I'll make it work. So watchout for Simple2Learn !!

In Detail : Watchout for Simple2Learn
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