4 top tv and movie download blogger blogs for Christmas !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 24, 2008

In Brief : christmas It's christmas time and there is a long list of pending movies and tv-shows. For all you tv/movie addicts out there, here is my list of top 4 blogspot favourites to watch and download tv shows and movies.
4 toptv movies tv-series and movie download blogger blogs :
  • http://all-about-ngage.blogspot.com/
  • http://watchnewmoviesnow.blogspot.com/
  • http://www.yourpcmovies.blogspot.com/
  • http://episodes-tv.blogspot.com/
To know more read in detail below....
In Detail :
1. http://all-about-ngage.blogspot.com/ : This one is a hot favourite. Get anything from tv shows, movies to mobile videos and softwares for Symbian platform. The site has direct download links as well as files hosted on Netload and Filebase.

2. http://watchnewmoviesnow.blogspot.com/ : Find all the latest movies and tv episodes you missed. The files are hosted on zshare, bitroad and supernovatube. Easy and fast download.

3. http://www.yourpcmovies.blogspot.com/ : This one is for movies. Amazing collection of movies. The good news is a lot of direct downoad links.

4. http://episodes-tv.blogspot.com/ : This one is for your tv needs. Choose from rapidshare, megaupload, netload and filefactory links.
christmasMerry Christmas !!
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Top ten "Science" breakthroughs: Stem Cell Research tops !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 22, 2008

In Brief : The journal "Science" listed its top 10 scientific breakthroughs of 2008.

1. A technique that allows stem cells to be created without the need to destroy embryos has been named as the scientific breakthrough of the year.
2. Exoplanets
3. Expanding the catalog of cancer genes
4. New mystery materials
5. Watching Proteins At work
6. Toward renewable energy on demand
7. The video embryo
8. "Good" fat, illuminated
9. Calculating the weight of the World
10. Faster, cheaper genome sequencing
The latest areas of interest for the year 2009 includes plants genomics, the elusive Higgs boson, speciation genes, ocean acidification, and neuroscience in court.

In Detail :
The top choice, cellular reprogramming, opened a new field of biology almost overnight and holds out hope of life-saving medical advancesThe other top nine achievements are :
Exoplanets : Using a special telescope techniques, for the first time the astronomers were able to directly observe planets orbiting other stars.
Expanding the catalog of cancer genes: Researchers have been able to sequence genes from two deadliest cancer cells, pancreatic cancer and glioblastoma. They turned up dozens of mutations that remove the brakes on cell division and send the cell down the path to cancer.
New mystery materials: An entirely new second family of high-temperature superconductors were discovered. These materials consisted of iron compounds instead of copper-and-oxygen-compounds.
Watching Proteins At work: It was a pleasant suprise for the Biochemists to watch proteins bind to their targets, switch a cell’s metabolic state and contribute to a tissue’s properties.
Toward renewable energy on demand: Inorder to store excess energy generated from part-time sources like wind and solar power, researchers have found a new promising tool using a cobalt-phosphorus catalyst.
The video embryo: In 2008, researchers observed in unprecedented detail the dance of cells in a developing embryo, recording and analyzing movies that trace the movements of the roughly 16,000 cells that make up the zebrafish embryo by the end of its first day of development.
"Good" fat, illuminated: Scientists have been able to morph "good" brown fat, which burns "bad" white fat to generate heat for the body, into muscle and vice versa. This has led to a new approach to treat obesity .
Calculating the weight of the World: Physicists have been successful in calculating the mass of proton and Neutron from the standard model which describes most of the visible universe’s particles and their interactions.
Faster, cheaper genome sequencing: Researchers have been able to report a sequencing technology that is much cheaper and speedier. The technique can be applied from woolly mammoths to human cancer patients.

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Mobile web : Have you explored it !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 17, 2008

In Brief : Wikipedia launched it's mobile version yesterday. I too launched the mobile version ( http://simple2learn.mofuse.mobi/) of my blog yesterday, thanks to mofuse.com

I have been using a nokia N70 (Symbian 60 v2 OS) since last one year and it has been 4 months since I have been a regular mobile-internet user . The speed ranges from ok to good . It might sound improbable to many but I have been downloading full movies on my mobile with the help of Opera/Netfront browsers and Fget downloader. And yes, I watched the movie Max Payne on my mobile. What I have been doing on a Symbian 60 v2 mobile can be done even better on the Symbian v3+, Windows mobile and iphone.

The point is that mobile internet has come a long way. Everyday there is a significant advance in technology. With 3G supposed to be implemented in India, and mobiles with larger screens hitting the market, it's time to focus on mobile web. Already mobile blogging and monetizing projects are coming up in big way. The major players have all launched their respective mobile versions which load faster and are really easy to use. I guess it's the right time to join the mobile-web bandwagon. Read in detail for my mobile bookmarks...

In Detail :
http://peperonity.com : the ultimate mobile host. numerous user pages. http://moviesmobile.net : all the hollywood/bollywood movies for mobile
http://mjelly.com/ : the best mobile links directory
http://wapedia.mobi : lets you view websites in mobile compatible version

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Netbook or notebook : Know what you need !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 15, 2008

In Brief : Netbooks have given mobility an all new meaning. Bridging the gap between handheld devices and laptops, they are creating quite a buzz.

Netbook : A very small, light-weight, low-cost, energy-efficient laptop, primarily used for internet based services such as web browsing, e-mailing and instant messaging. They are also suitable for light use running office and educational software
Subnotebook : A small and lightweight laptop.They generally are found to run full desktop operating systems such as Windows or Linux, rather than specialized software such as Windows CE, Palm OS or Internet Tablet OS.Subnotebooks are smaller than laptops but larger than handheld computers. They often have smaller-sized screens, less than 14 inches, and weigh less than typical laptops, usually being less than 2 kg (4.4 lbs). The savings in size and weight are usually achieved partly by omitting ports or having removable media or optical disc drives.
Notebook : Nothing but the laptop. We all know what a laptop is, right?
Top 10 netbooks....
Having difficulty in choosing a netbook. Read in detail
In Detail : http://www.economist.com/science/tq/displaystory.cfm?story_id=12673233
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Slumdog Millionaire nominated 4 Golden Globes: A. R. Rehman too for best music !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 12, 2008

In Brief : Slumdog Millionaire is a key contender for Oscar nominations after being nominated in four Golden Globes categories. The categories include,

  • best film
  • best director (Danny Boyle),
  • best adapted screenplay (Simon Beaufoy)
  • best original score (A R Rahman).

Widely televised worldwide, the Globes are given by Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

For more info on the movie read in detail....
In Detail :

Slumdog Millionaire wins Brit awards
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Google India 2nd zeitgist report : Katrina, Genelia top!!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 11, 2008

In Brief : Google India released zeitgist(spirit of times) report.
  • Bollywood actor Katrina Kaif is the most-searched in India.
  • ‘recession’ does not figure among the top search for ‘economic terms’
  • ‘How to reduce weight’ is a major concern among Indians
  • Goa is everyone’s favourite destination.
  • Presence of three email services on the mobile query list shows increasing adoption of internet on mobile. People are using their mobiles to email, to check cricket scores, latest news and to know more about Bollywood celebrities.
  • The increased traffic on the Indian railways website indicated that Indian users would rather go online than stand in long queues at railway stations.
  • The Sixth Pay Commission was also a popular searchword.
    Beijing Olympics and IPL made it to to the fastest rising search term in 2008.
  • Genelia D’souza of Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na fame was 7th on the list.
  • Mahatma Gandhi remained the most popular politician, but interestingly Sarah Palin in third place was more ‘searched’ than Obama at the fifth spot.
  • Sania Mirza topped the sportstars leaving behind Sachin Tendulkar and MS Dhoni. The list includes Christiano Ronaldo, Roger Federer and John Cena.
The second India Zeitgeist report (globally the report is in its 9th year) offers a perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted by users in India.
While developing the 2008 report, Google analysed various aspects of the search queries to understand what was on the minds of Internet users in India.

In Detail :


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Wikipedia page banned : internet censored !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 9, 2008

In Brief : Make up your mind on internet censorship. The Internet Watch Foundation -- a nonprofit, nongovernment-affiliated organization -- added the Wikipedia page for the Scorpions' 1976 album "Virgin Killer" onto its blacklist Friday. The IWF's concern comes over the image on the album's original cover, which shows a young girl completely nude. Someone had reported the image as inappropriate through the IWF's online submission tool, the organization says, and its internal assessment found the photo to be "a potentially illegal indecent image of a child under the age of 18." The IWF's blacklist is used by the vast majority of British Internet service providers to maintain decency standards for their subscribers. As a result of the ban, affected U.K. Internet users are unable to view the page or access Wikipedia's article editing function.

I think they have gone too far. Form your own opinion. Animal Magnetism is their only album I have in my collection and I think going by the trend they may find it's cover provocative too.

In Detail : Washington Post story
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Believe it or not : One case, two HC verdicts !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 8, 2008

In Brief : It's like "Ripley's believe it or not". But then this is India where bizarre is common and common is bizarre.

In an unprecedented incident, the case of an Adilabad man charged with harassment for dowry and murder of his wife was heard by two division Benches of the A P High Court almost concurrently. And while one of the Benches pronounced him guilty on both the counts, the second one acquitted him on the charge of murder and ordered that he be set free immediately.
Imagine this in a country where "death sentence" and "double jeopardy" are legal.
source : The Times of India
In Detail
The trial court in Adilabad, after examination of the evidence on record, both oral and documentary, held Hymad responsible for the death of his wife and in 2006, sentenced him to life imprisonment for murder along with Rs 1,000 as fine and imposed another three years imprisonment plus Rs 500 fine for harassing his wife for additional dowry.
The accused has been serving prison term since then. Meanwhile, the relatives of Hymad approached S Surendar Reddy, a lawyer in Hyderabad and through him, got a criminal appeal filed in 2006 in the AP High Court against the judgment of the trial court. Around the same time, Hymad too wrote a letter to the authorities of the high court seeking their help in engaging the services of an advocate for preferring an appeal over the trial court verdict. The high court, through its legal aid wing, allotted lady advocate Shanti Neelam to argue his case.
The criminal appeal by Hymad's relatives went to a two-member division bench comprising Justice A Gopal Reddy and Justice B Seshasayana Reddy while Hymad's own appeal went to another two two-member bench comprising Justice D S R Verma and Justice K C Bhanu. The judgment on the appeal by relatives holding the accused guilty on both counts was delivered on March 7, 2008, while the verdict on Hymad's appeal acquitting him on the charge of murder was given on September 29, 2008
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Diego Maradona "God of Football" arrives in India !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 6, 2008

In Brief : Diego Armando Maradona arrived on a two-day visit here early this morning and was welcomed by thousands of Kolkatans who gave sleep a miss and lined the roads for a glimpse of the Argentinian.

He is currently the coach of Argentinian football team.
Considered by most to be the best football player ever, his career has been marred by drug abuse and the infamous "Hand of God" episode in 1986 football world cup win over England.

I have been following football since 1994 world cup and sadly my only memories of the genius is that of his unceremonius exit from the event due to doping charges

In Detail
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Beer from Space : it's cosmic !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 5, 2008

In Brief : Japanese beer brewed from barley which was grown on the international space station orbiting the Earth, has finally been tasted.

The space-beverage was the result of a five-month mission during which barley was grown for the first time in a Russian laboratory on board the International Space Station (ISS).
Sapporo Breweries, one of Japan's major breweries, went on to use the crop of barley grown in space to create 100 litres of a 5.5 per cent proof beer ­ aptly named "Space Barley".
The space brew was the result of a collaboration between the Russian Academy of Science, Okayama University in Japan and Sapporo Breweries , one of the oldest brewers in the country.
The barley was grown as the result of an on-going crop growing project on board ISS, with other products including wheat, lettuce and peas. In the furute, potatoes could also be grown in space.
Cosmonaut Dr Boris Morukov who spent 11 days in space says potatoes may one day be grown, but not to make space vodka.
While the current batch of space beer will not be sold commercially, 30 couples selected from among the public by lottery will be invited to a special tasting event in Tokyo next month.
Although beer has previously been off space menus due to its alcohol and gas content, breweries are hoping that the newly-created space beer may eventually become available for astronauts to enjoy in space.

In Detail
Want to know more...

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Nokia completes Symbian acquisition...terrific news!!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 4, 2008

In Brief : Nokia has completed its acquisition of mobile platform company Symbian. The acquisition, which was announced earlier this year, will enable Nokia to continue moving forward with its plans to liberate the Symbian source code and transform the platform into a community-driven open source software project.

After the software is audited to ensure that there are no licensing problems, it will be made available to the general public under the open source Eclipse Public License (EPL). Nokia expects this process to take roughly 2 years.
The completion of Nokia's Symbian acquisition marks a major turning point for the Symbian mobile operating system.
Although Symbian is currently the dominant platform on mobile phone handsets, its relevance is beginning to decline as Apple and Linux-based alternatives gain popularity.
Opening the platform and transitioning to a radically different development model could potentially attract a new development community to the software and make it more attractive to handset makers.
The move is part of Nokia's broader software strategy, which is now dominated by open source.
Nokia also recently acquired Trolltech and has brought the company's Qt framework to Symbian. A Qt preview release for S60 was announced in October for developers who wanted to get an early start. Qt is also supported on Windows Mobile and a variety of Linux-based mobile platforms, so it provides developers with a lot of portability across the entire mobile ecosystem.
It will also enrich the S60 software ecosystem by making it possible to port over existing Qt applications from the desktop.
My experience with Nokia N-Series...there is nothing like Symbian OS...open source model ensures that there are numerous third party softwares to do practically everything you would do on your personal computer right from web browsing/blogging to playing 3d games !!
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To know more about Symbian OS....
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Believe it or not : world's greatest woman boxer not good enough for Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award !!

Posted by Unknown on Dec 3, 2008

In Brief : Only 4 months of training after a two-year sabbatical may not be ideal build-up for a World Championship but that is all M C Mary Kom needed as she clinched a historic 4th gold medal to become the most successful woman boxer in the world.

Yet, the pint-sized 46kg boxer, who returned to the capital on Monday, bagged the top honour with a comprehensive 7-1 verdict over Romania ’s Steluta Duta.
When MC Mary Kom started boxing, she had to convince her father that it was okay for a woman to try and storm what was considered a male bastion. Eight years and three World championship gold medals later, Mary Kom, now a mother, had to convince herself that she still had some fight left in her.

“Women boxers in India should be treated with more respect. They have been bringing laurels for the country regularly,” said the world’s most successful woman pugilist.
“I was extremely pained when I was denied the Khel Ratna Award,” she said.
“I had three world titles under my belt but the selection panel did not find me good enough to get the award.
“I was very upset because the panel had some eminent sportspersons, including the legendary Milkha Singh. At least they should have realised my contribution. It happened to me twice,” the boxer said with regret.
Mary Kom said despite being ignored time and again, she was not going to call it quits so easily.
Awards or no awards she is the real "Million Dollar Baby".

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source : PTI http://www.dnaindia.com/ The Telegraph
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MySpace web hoax case : The juror's view and hacking argument.

Posted by Unknown on Dec 2, 2008

In Brief : The jury leader in the trial of a Missouri woman accused of an Internet hoax that ended in a teenage neighbor's suicide said most panelists favored convicting the defendant of felony conspiracy.
The jurors in Myspace internet hoax case convicted Lori Drew the accused only on federal misdemeanor charges because they were unable to agree on whether the MySpace hoax was malicious, according to forewoman Valentina Kunasz.
Drew, 49, of the St. Louis suburb of O'Fallon, was convicted Nov. 26 in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles, where the case was tried because MySpace has servers in the area.
Witnesses had testified that the aim of the hoax had been to find out whether Megan was spreading rumors about Drew's daughter, Sarah, who was also 13 at the time.
The "boy" dumped Megan in 2006, telling her: "The world would be a better place without you." Megan hanged herself soon afterward.
They didn't think she intended to have this girl kill herself. But she knew she was suicidal, depressed and taking medicines and still continued to pursue this act. Whether (Drew) physically types those messages we'll never know, but she didn't make any effort to stop it, so, that was malicious.
Drew had conspired to create a fictitious teenage boy on MySpace to get Megan Meier, 13, to divulge information, not to harm her.

Megan's mother, Tina Meier, pointed out that Drew is an adult. "She knew what was going on," Meier said on "Today." "She allowed this to continue to happen."
She said she was disappointed that Drew was not found guilty of additional charges, "but that's something I can't dwell on."
The specifics of the Lori Drew case are messy and emotional. The important fact is that there is no federal cyberbullying statute, so the U.S. attorney in Los Angeles turned to a novel interpretation of existing computer hacking laws to try to punish the woman. The general idea is that in creating terms of service, a Web site owner specifies the rules of admission to the site. If someone violates any of those contractual terms, the "access" to the Web site is done without authorization, and is thus hacking.
Unfortunately for Internet users everywhere, a jury bought the theory last week and found Lori Drew guilty of three misdemeanor violations of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, punishable with up to one year in a federal prison and a $100,000 fine for each of the three counts
SENTENCE :Drew could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine for her convictions on three misdemeanor counts of accessing computers without authorization.

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Graphic novels ain't comics : did you know ?

Posted by Unknown on Dec 1, 2008

In Brief : Yesterday I was reading an interview of Jeff Smith in Mumbai Mirror, the creator of graphic novel Bones, and it struck me how is it different from the comics. Here is the difference....
A graphic novel is a type of comic book, usually with a lengthy and complex storyline similar to those of novels, and often aimed at mature audiences.

It also means comic short story anthologies, and in some cases bound collections of previously published comic book series (commonly referred to as trade paperbacks).
Graphic novels are typically bound in longer and more durable formats than familiar comic magazines (using the same materials and methods as printed books).

They are generally sold in bookstores and specialty comic book shops rather than at news-stands.
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