Champion's League, IPL, French Open : The Plate is full !!

Posted by Unknown on May 30, 2009

Last few months have seen some amazing sporting action. Just look at the sports calendar and and we find that there is no respite for the sports lovers ( not that we want it ).

Let's take a look :

Football : The Champion's League just got over and the English Premiership League and the Spanish La Liga just before that. And they will start again all over in August !!

Barcelona's awe-inspiring flawless (ok almost) display in the Champion's League final left Manchester United ( read Christian Ronaldo )gasping for breath, who had an amazing season otherwise. But then what else did we expect with Messi, Eto, Henry, Iniesta, Puyol, Xavi and co. in the line-up !!
I'm more of a Premiership fan like most of us and it was disappointing to see Arsenal (yeah, my side) perform the way they did. But they are a young side and are getting better. Man U was the clear winner and everyone knows who got the La Liga crown !!

Cricket : The game is bracing for the new version Cricket 3.0 with T20 taking centerstage and the game going the soccer way with more professional club level matches than international ones. The IPL just got over with the Deccan Chargers led by Adam Gilchrist rising to the occasion in key matches.
I played the Fantasy Cricket on and ended up finishing 234 rank with a tournament high of 55, not bad considering I couldn't substitute at crucial junctions hard-pressed for time (had to give some excuse, right !!). But then, no worries T20 World Cup is on the cards and another chance to win.
By the way, I favoured Delhi Daredevils and yeah, they lost but got a berth in the Champion's League !!

Tennis : Clay court season is on and there is only one winner. No points for guessing. I don't think there is a safer bet in International Sports than Rafael Nadal winning at Roland Garros !!. Federer also had his moment when he beat Rafa in Madrid Master's but that's the closest he can get. Rafa is one favourite that won't disappoint. For proof watch his match against Hewitt (6-1, 6-3, 6-1) at Roland Garros yesterday !!

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