Social Networking of a different kind !!

Posted by Unknown on Jun 7, 2009

I have been doing a lot of social networking these days ( I know it pales in comaparison to some of my friends !!) and have discovered quite a few unique networking sites. I mean really unique and specific involving two special interests of mine. Check them out !!

1. Footbo (beta): Amazing site for football lovers. We can create our profile, add our favourite players, teams, all time favourite playing 11 and keep track of everytrhing football. Most importantly, we can do all this with our friends and discuss football !! My page.... This I discovered thanks to MakeUseOf

2. Colorlovers (beta): Not a networking site in true sense but has a growing forum. Great site to check out color, style and patterns for web designing and CSS. We can create and share our own color shades, patterns and comment and rate each other's work !! My page....

I'm new to both but I guess coming weeks will find me in action on both !!
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