Google Pagerank Simplified !!

Posted by Unknown on Jan 17, 2009

In Brief :
    I was surfing net yesterday when I accidently discovered that the homepage of my blog has a pagerank of 2. Last time I played this game it was 0 (a month back I guess). I checked it on a number of credible online tools and google datacenters to verify it's not fake. Hopefully it's not !!
    Not sure whether it matters but anyways here is PAGERANK simplified for you.

    • Google uses 200 signals ( read "ways") to determine the importance of a web page. The " Google Pagerank Algorithm" which has been patented is one of them. Google bought the rights from Stanford University.
    • PageRank reflects Google's view of the importance of web pages by considering more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms.
    • Pagerank is a ranking system from 0-10 where a rank of 10 is the highest.
    In simple terms Google takes into account the following two factors :

    • No. of backlinks to your page
    • The quality/ranks/pagerank of the sites that link to your site. It means that if two pages link to you , one having a Pagerank of 4 and other 2, the Pagerank 4 site's link will carry more weight.

    So it's not only the quantity but also the quality of pages that link to you that matter. However my advice will be don't go looking for quality back-links. Instead try networking within your niche without any bias towards higher page-rank sites.
    Thanks to all my friends mentioned in the sidebar ("The Chosen Ones" and Blogcatalog)

    For those interested in optimising 'keywords', here is 'keywords' simplified by

    In case you want to fiddle with your site's stats, read more for the best free online SEO tools....

In Detail :
  • RankingToday : Terrific site for complete SEO check-up of your site. Also has a free meta-tag and keyword generator among other tools. Lists the real page-rank and alo the average pagerank across number of Google centers.
  • Diagnosticoweb : Easily one of the best online SEO tool. Extensive info is presented in simple manner. You can have all the data on your fingertips !!
  • Iwebtools : Amazing array of web tools. Boasts of a host of tools beyond imagination
  • Popuri : cool and simple interface. It gives the number of Google Pagerank, Alexa rank and also Google and Yahoo backlinks plus Delicious and Technorati backlinks.
  • Linkvendor : This one makes pagerank and SEO comparisons between two or more sites fun. One can check almost everything in detail right from pagerank, social bookmarks, keyword analysis, website speed and more....
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3 simple ways to download online streaming video !!

Posted by Unknown on Jan 1, 2009

In Brief : One of my favourite past-time is Downloading flv videos from Youtube, Metacafe and a host of terrific up and coming video streaming sites.
These are what I think the 3 best ways to download online streaming videos as and when you find them on the web.

1. This one works the best for me. I use Internet Download Manager, a download manager as the name suggests. It's USP is it can grab any file (almost) from the web.
  • Install IDM (It will integrate with Internet Explorer and Mozilla, not with Chrome) 
  • Open the IDM
  • Click on Options
  • Add the extension of file you want in file-type (flv in our case) 
  • Click OK
     Next time you play a video on youtube it will automatically prompt you to download !!

2.  You can use the VideoDownloader Extension in Mozilla. Download speed (all other   parameters being the same) is slower than the first method. Also you need to keep the browser open and can't resume the download from last postion, unlike in the first case.

3.  A no. of sites where you can paste the link to download. My pick is Keepvid.

4. Techcrunch also offers the youtube downloader as widget. You can have it for your blog !!

For a list of such websites, read more....

In Detail : Best sites to download online flv videos.

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