Arsenal sets EPL on fire !!

Posted by Unknown on Aug 18, 2009

It's that time of the year. The English Premier League started last weekend with a bang !! Arsenal turned on the style that makes them the most amazing team in EPL ( Yeah they're my favourite ) to beat Everton 6-1 ( no, it's not a typo. You read it right. )
The results of big 4 :
Man Utd 1-0 Birmingham (Man U scraped through !! )
Tottenham 2-1 Liverpool (yup, Liverpool left red faced !!)
Chelsea 2-1 Hull City ( Drogba on fire !! )
Everton 1-6 Arsenal ( Arsenal Reloaded !! )

Manchester City's quest for a top 4 finish started on a good note : Blackburn 0-2 Man. City

I guess I will be following EPL this year on Footbo : the networking site for all football lovers. Just add your favourite players and teams and connect with other football fans like me !!
Some of the recent discussions on Footbo :

To end the post, a tribute to Arsenal's performance

Add me on Footbo : rakesh4ever
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Social Networking of a different kind !!

Posted by Unknown on Jun 7, 2009

I have been doing a lot of social networking these days ( I know it pales in comaparison to some of my friends !!) and have discovered quite a few unique networking sites. I mean really unique and specific involving two special interests of mine. Check them out !!

1. Footbo (beta): Amazing site for football lovers. We can create our profile, add our favourite players, teams, all time favourite playing 11 and keep track of everytrhing football. Most importantly, we can do all this with our friends and discuss football !! My page.... This I discovered thanks to MakeUseOf

2. Colorlovers (beta): Not a networking site in true sense but has a growing forum. Great site to check out color, style and patterns for web designing and CSS. We can create and share our own color shades, patterns and comment and rate each other's work !! My page....

I'm new to both but I guess coming weeks will find me in action on both !!
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Champion's League, IPL, French Open : The Plate is full !!

Posted by Unknown on May 30, 2009

Last few months have seen some amazing sporting action. Just look at the sports calendar and and we find that there is no respite for the sports lovers ( not that we want it ).

Let's take a look :

Football : The Champion's League just got over and the English Premiership League and the Spanish La Liga just before that. And they will start again all over in August !!

Barcelona's awe-inspiring flawless (ok almost) display in the Champion's League final left Manchester United ( read Christian Ronaldo )gasping for breath, who had an amazing season otherwise. But then what else did we expect with Messi, Eto, Henry, Iniesta, Puyol, Xavi and co. in the line-up !!
I'm more of a Premiership fan like most of us and it was disappointing to see Arsenal (yeah, my side) perform the way they did. But they are a young side and are getting better. Man U was the clear winner and everyone knows who got the La Liga crown !!

Cricket : The game is bracing for the new version Cricket 3.0 with T20 taking centerstage and the game going the soccer way with more professional club level matches than international ones. The IPL just got over with the Deccan Chargers led by Adam Gilchrist rising to the occasion in key matches.
I played the Fantasy Cricket on and ended up finishing 234 rank with a tournament high of 55, not bad considering I couldn't substitute at crucial junctions hard-pressed for time (had to give some excuse, right !!). But then, no worries T20 World Cup is on the cards and another chance to win.
By the way, I favoured Delhi Daredevils and yeah, they lost but got a berth in the Champion's League !!

Tennis : Clay court season is on and there is only one winner. No points for guessing. I don't think there is a safer bet in International Sports than Rafael Nadal winning at Roland Garros !!. Federer also had his moment when he beat Rafa in Madrid Master's but that's the closest he can get. Rafa is one favourite that won't disappoint. For proof watch his match against Hewitt (6-1, 6-3, 6-1) at Roland Garros yesterday !!

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6 Best Movie Series !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 16, 2009

Today's post is like a poll. We have to decide which is the best movie series ( 3 or more sequels /prequels) ?
Here is my list :

1. X-Men : I loved this trilogy and the fourth one X Men Origins : Wolverine is coming soon. Just can't wait for this one. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has been the key figure in all the 3 parts which boasts of a great cast.

2. Rocky : The legendary series which immortalised Sylvester Stallone. The last one ( Rocky Balboa ) in which both Sylvestor Stallone and Rocky made a comeback too proved to be a hit. The movie centers around Rocky Balboa, a boxer played by Sylvestor Stallone.

3. Star Wars : Everyone knows about it, right ? The strange thing about this series was the fact that sequels came before prequels. Written and directed by George Lucas the prequels were not considered interesting enough but the enormous success of the movie ensured that all parts were made. Theprequels which came recently proved to be even bigger success.

4. Indiana Jones : The George Lucas and Steven Spielberg combo weaved this magical trilogy. Just loved Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones the treasure hunting Archaeologist. The fourth part Indiana Jones and Kingdom of Crystal Skull which came last year too proved to be a huge
success with Harrison Ford making a comeback.

5. James Bond : I guess I don't need to say more. There has not been a more famous brand of movie series. I must confess I have joined the fan list recently since Daniel Craig assumed the role of secret spy James Bond 007. In my opinion Casino Royale was better than Quantum of Solace. Every movie of this series sets a new record on the box office. The Legend goes on...

6. Bourne Series : Matt Damon as Jason Bourne the spy stars in this amazing thriller trilogy. Based on the novels by Robert Ludlum, one can safely say there has not been a better fast paced thriller in recent years. The 4th part is expected to be released in 2011

Tell me if you think your favourite movie series should feature in the list.
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Web Browser war and Javascript Performance !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 15, 2009

Any discussion on web browsers inevitably centers around how fast web pages load. We keep saying that a particular website loads faster in a particular browser. Let's try to get why this happens.

While there are a number of factors that determine the page loading time of a web page, one major factor is Javascript performance.

Blogspot bloggers would have a good idea where this comes from. How often have we discarded a javascript coded widget just because it made it almost impossible for the page to load.
Many a times we place all the Javascript code at the bottom of the page source code in order to enable the rest of the page to load faster.

The importance of Javascript performance for a web browser can be understood simply by the fact that the web browsers have interesting names for their Javascript engines.

Have a look :

Google chrome : V8 , I have been using it a lot. The fact that the addressbar itself serves as Google Search is it's USP for me.
Mozilla Firefox : Tracemonkey My favourite browser, simply because of the amazing add-ons owing to open source.
Opera : Futhark (Carakan is coming ) While it's my lifeline on my symbian mobile, the latest desktop version seems to have a little too much.
Safari : Nitro ( Based on Apple's open source Webkit's Squirrelfish extreme ) hve to try this one. I keep hearing that it's hot !!

As far as Javascript performance goes Internet Explorer 8 is a non starter when compared to Firefox or Chrome.

Web apps are the future with Google looking to make everything we have on our desktops available in the browser itself and the browser war has extended to the Javascript arena as the alternatives like Adobe's Flash and Flex are not that practical or easy to implement.

I can see only benefits as faster the Javascript loads better the website performs and more web apps can be added.

Before I end this post just have a look at few of the Javascript coded widgets on this page :

1. Footer : Yahoo Badge, Sitemeter, Label Cloud
2. Blogcatalog and Mybloglog widgets
3. Technorati
4. Disqus's recent comments

There are many others and they need to load faster !!
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Linux OS : Get to know it !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 14, 2009

I have been thinking of giving a specific direction to the " Tech Tuesday " posts. We have discussed a number of " well heard but not fully understood " technologies like the one on wifi, dSLR cameras, megapixel and images, touchscreen, netbooks and so on....

The big question is what is it we will be discussing then. Let's break the news : It will be Linux OS (atleast for a number of Tuesdays ).
Since this is the first post in this direction, let's keep it simple.

All of us have heard about Linux and many of us might be thinking of trying it or taking a plunge into the world of Linux. But there are a few myths that keep us from doing it.

Linux and Unix : What's the difference ?

Unix is an operating system developed by AT&T in 1969. Official trademark of Unix is with " The Open Group ".
It's a text based ( terminal ) OS and not the graphic based Windows and Macs we are used to.

Linux : Linux is a Unix like OS developed by free and open source software collaboration. Linus Torvalds wrote the original Linux Kernel ( read system files) in 1991 while rest of the utilities and libraries come from GNU OS by Richard Stallman ( hence the name GNU/Linux).

It's cliche but true : Linux is not Unix.

Do we need technical and programming experience to use it ?

No, the Linux distributions ( different versions since it's open source ) now a days like Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, Debian and the likes comes with graphical user interface ( X window interface ) much like the Windows and Macs and in some cases even better.

Just have a look at the 3d linux desktop

Earlier Linux was mostly used as a server and programming purposes . Those willing can really see what goes on under the hood of an OS. Programming from scratch with ease has been it's USP.

Now it's really commonplace with a number of laptops and desktops coming with Linux distros

The very fact that it's open source ( the source codes are open to public to develop it) means it's updating all the time.

I have been using Fedora Linux (Fedora 4 onwards ) and let me tell you it's a beauty. It's like having a fully customised OS of your own. It's this " control in the hands of user " aspect that makes Linux special.

I also carry with myself Knoppix Linux live CD. Just boot with it into any system and it becomes your own, do your work and get going.

Once you discover the world of Linux, you will be hooked. Much of my Tech Tuesday future posts will be in the direction of getting you hooked to THE OS and simplifying the how to use part.
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20 best sites for free symbian software : The Symbian Directory !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 13, 2009

Trying out new softwares is fun on Symbian gadgets. One finds new versions and better alternatives coming up all the time. So I thought of sharing my " Symbian Bookmarks " for free symbian S60 software download.
This one is a comprehensive directory. Take your time and check them out !!
  1. getjar : Get both Java as well as symbian applications.
  2. symbian-freeware : One of my favourites.
  3. smartsym : Find S60 5th edition (Nokia 5800 expressmusic) softwares !!
  4. dotsis : Terrific site with forums where we can discuss everything Symbian. Register to post !!
  5. : Another one with S60 v5 softwares. Another one of my picks.
  6. : Softwares by category, a well simplified list.
  7. mobiletopsoft : Find all freewares and shareware.
  8. my-symbian : Freewares as well as shareware.
  9. gallery.mobile9 : Cool Interface, community based site. User uploaded.
  10. : Cool interface and some really amazing collection.
  11. mobiles24 : Another cool site to look for the latest softwares.
  12. brothersoft : Well known for all your software needs, not only Symbian.
  13. getsymbian : Large collection of softwares.
  14. freesymbiansoft : Another great collection.
  15. symbianstock : Large stock of softwares
  16. bestsymbian : Good collection !!

The Best Blogspot/Blogger Blogs in this Business :


Tell me if you think I missed out on that one amazing link that would make this directory a more complete list !!
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5 simple ways to add Social Bookmarks in every post !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 11, 2009

For most of us bloggers nothing can beat the joy on seeing a post Dugg, Stumbled, faved on technorati or bookmarked in delicious. I missed the Feed count, right.

But then I also missed scores of other equally important social bookmarking and networking sites. That's the point, we need to make sure that we don't miss out on anything and at the same time not overdo the whole thing.

Here are some of the simplest and best implementations of Social Bookmarks.
Pick yours ....

1. We can apply this one at the footer of each post Find it at Smartbloggerz

2. This is the text version, to go with every post of ours. Find it at TechieBlogger

3. Taller ones, this is a new compilation by MoreTechTips

4. Bigger is better, a Bloganol effort.

5. A wonderful and simple to implement widget by Sociofluid

Find another interesting compilation of multiple social bookmaark widgets by EazyCheezy

If you think there are better ways to do this, share and Disqus....
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The Best Movies Ever : Make your own list !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 10, 2009

I just love to do this Friday Movie Post. Yesterday I had a discussion with my friends about whether they can make up their mind as to which is the best movie they have ever seen ( when I say best I MEAN ONE !! ).

We often find lists like the " top 10 hollywood movies of all time " or titles like " one movie you must see before you die " ( hope I see a lot more before I do die ).

But then when I try to figure out my pick for the best movie ever I just can't think of 1, not even 5 or 10 ( beyond that my mental reserves get exhausted !! ).
I was looking at my Orkut profile yesterday ( which I created 4 years back and is pretty much unchanged ) and I found that there too I have written " too many to list" in the favourite movie section !!

Many a times while I'm watching a movie I feel this one is going to be the best I have ever seen but a day later when the side-effects have rubbed off I realise it's not.

Tell me your favourite 1, 5 or 10 movies. Atleast that way I will get to see a few more to decide about mine.

Here are some of the best movie lists we can refer to make up our mind :

5. New York Times 1000 best ( I guess we can decide on 1000 movies when we see that many !!)

The list of movies I have seen till date. It hasn't been updated for last two months but I guess that's okay.

So, make up your mind and when you do, tell me !!
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7 Best Gmail Labs Features : Try Them !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 8, 2009

Heard about Gmail Labs?? I guess many of us haven't. It's the place to test Gmail features being developed and which will be an integral part of Gmail in future.

So, why not try them before others do. All we have to do is :

1. Goto Gmail Setting and click on the Labs tab.
2. Enable the Gmail Lab feature we want and save changes.

As simple as this. In case something goes wrong :

1. Disable the particular Lab feature the same way we enabled it.
2. To disable Gmail Labs completely go here

Here are my picks for the best of Gmail Labs :

1. Title Tweaks by Fedor K

Changes order of elements in the browser title bar from "Gmail - Inbox (20) -" to "Inbox (20) - - Gmail". This way we are able to see if a new mail has arrived even if Gmail window is minimized.

2. Undo Send by Yuzo F

Can you believe it !! We can now stop messages from being sent for a few seconds after hitting the send button. My pick for the best Gmail Lab feature.

3. Superstars by Kai H & Julie W

We need to do a few things to get this one right.

Adds additional star icons. After enabling this feature:
1. Go to the "General" Settings page to choose which superstars you wish to use.
2. Use either the keyboard shortcut ('s') or click to rotate through your selected superstars.
3. Use the search operator "has:" to find all messages with your superstar (e.g. "has:red-bang", "has:blue-star"). Learn the name of a superstar by hovering over its image in the "General" Settings page.

4. Pictures in chat by Dave C

We can see our friends' profile pictures when we chat with them.

5. Signature tweaks by Keith C and Dave C

Places our signature before the quoted text in a reply, and removes the "--" line that appears before signatures.

6. Random Signature by Chad P

Rotates among random quotations for our email signature.

7. Location in Signature by Marco B

Appends our location to your signature. We must have your signature enabled.
A signature can be anything from a quote to your website's address which will appear in evry mail you send. To enable it GoTo Gmail Settings, General Tab and type in your Signature.

So, get started. Make your Gmail your own and unique and at the same time contribute to it's development.

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Wi-Fi and Bluetooth : Simple to learn Wireless !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 7, 2009

Wireless networks are the future of seamless connectivity. Already we are used to various Bluetooth enabled gadgets and accessing internet in Wi-Fi enabled zones. In this post let's try to simplify these technologies for a better understanding.

is for resident equipment and its applications and is intended as a replacement for cabling for general local area network access in work areas. The category of applications is outlined as WLAN, the wireless local area networks.

Wi-Fi is a trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance for certified products based on the IEEE 802.11 standards. This certification warrants interoperability between different wireless devices.

Wi-Fi is often used for wireless internet (WLAN ), but actually every product does not have the Wi-Fi certification and hence not all WLAN's are Wi-Fi.
Wi-Fi is supported by most personal computer operating systems, many game consoles, laptops, smartphones, printers, and other peripherals.

Through interconnected access points (hotspots) Wi-Fi can lead to connectivity over large square miles of area, though a typical Wi-Fi home router has a range of 32 m indoors and 95 m outdoors.

Bluetooth is an open wireless protocol for exchanging data over short distances from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area networks (PANs).

Bluetooth is intended for non resident equipment and its applications. The category of applications is outlined as the wireless personal area network (WPAN). Bluetooth is a replacement for cabling in a variety of personally carried applications.

Bluetooth has a range of less than 10m for gadegts we use (class II device), but it can go upto 100m (class I device). The current version of Bluetooth is 2.1

Next version Bluetooth 3.0 (codename Seattle ) is expected to be released this year which will allow use of Bluetooth over UltraWideBand ( UWB) radio, and data transfer upto 480 Mbit/s.

I guess it's enough for the day. Now we can keep an eye on the future developments in Wireless Connectivity in a more informed way !!

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