CDMA....alternative to GSM

Posted by Unknown on Oct 29, 2008

  • Interim Standard 95 (IS-95), is the first CDMA-based digital cellular standard pioneered by Qualcomm. The brand name for IS-95 is cdmaOne.
  • CDMA or "code division multiple access" is a digital radio system that transmits streams of bits (PN Sequences). On the other hand GSM uses TDMA "time division multiple access"
  • CDMA permits several radios to share the same frequencies. Unlike TDMA "time division multiple access", a competing system used in 2G GSM, all radios can be active all the time, because network capacity does not directly limit the number of active radios.
  • Since larger numbers of phones can be served by smaller numbers of cell-sites, CDMA-based standards have a significant economic advantage over TDMA-based standards, or the oldest cellular standards that used frequency-division multiplexing.

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