5 simple ways to add Social Bookmarks in every post !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 11, 2009

For most of us bloggers nothing can beat the joy on seeing a post Dugg, Stumbled, faved on technorati or bookmarked in delicious. I missed the Feed count, right.

But then I also missed scores of other equally important social bookmarking and networking sites. That's the point, we need to make sure that we don't miss out on anything and at the same time not overdo the whole thing.

Here are some of the simplest and best implementations of Social Bookmarks.
Pick yours ....

1. We can apply this one at the footer of each post Find it at Smartbloggerz

2. This is the text version, to go with every post of ours. Find it at TechieBlogger

3. Taller ones, this is a new compilation by MoreTechTips

4. Bigger is better, a Bloganol effort.

5. A wonderful and simple to implement widget by Sociofluid

Find another interesting compilation of multiple social bookmaark widgets by EazyCheezy

If you think there are better ways to do this, share and Disqus....