Simple2Learn Quarterly Review : It's pagerank 3 now.

Posted by Unknown on Apr 3, 2009

Simple2learn is a Pagerank 3 blog now, after yesterday's Google Pagerank update. Last update in January saw the blog rise to pagerank 2 from 0 and I did a post to simplify the Google Pagerank technology and how important it is plus a list of my favourite sites to analyse our websites. Take a look.

A higher Google Pagerank simply means that the site has been linked to by a good number of sites and it helps a website to rank higher in Google searches done by people across the web.

I strictly believe an overkill of Pagerank and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) should be strictly avoided as it takes the focus off quality of CONTENT, but at the same time a few simple things done the right way never hurts !!

In this weekend post let's analyse the progress made by Simple2Learn this quarter :

1. Blogcatalog : Blogcatalog and Mybloglog are 2 of the best networking sites for bloggers. While I joined Mybloglog recently in February, I have been a member of Blogcatalog since November when I really started blogging. While my BC score/point has been around a meagre 25 ( primarily because I haven't started many discusions or groups ) I have benefitted a lot as the focus has been on making quality friends and trying to follow each others blogs.

2. Technorati : An amazing search engine for weblogs, tags and keywords. Keep checking what's hot in your niche and how we can discuss about them in our posts. A technorati fave or backlinks has a lot of weight , it seems. I guess Simple2Learn's Technorati authority (backlinks )was 7-8 during last pagerank update and currently it's 16.

3. Digg/Stumbleupon : While I joined the bookmarking and link submission giants Digg and StumbleUpon almost at the sametime when I resurrected my blog in November, I am still discovering them and have started exploring them only now. But I hear they are terrific ways to promote your posts and articles.

4. Google FriendConnect/Followers widget : The best way to show appreciation for a blogger/blogspot blog and connect with fellow bloggers.

5. Feedburner RSS feed : Most people use Google Reader and many other online feed readers or softwares to keep themselves updated on blogs/websites they like. A must for all frequently updated websites.

6. Directory Submission and Indexing: Simple2Learn features in many reputed link submission directories. Most importantly Simple2Learn was submitted to Google directory through Google Webmaster or Google Analytics ( for analysing traffic), in Yahoo's directory through Yahoo Site Explorer and to MSN for indexing.

7. Ping : With so many social networking sitesand other tools mentioned above it's important to let them know of our site's updates. Ping-o-matic is a great tool for pinging most of these at once. But I think it helps to keep logging in most of these wabsites manually and checking their updates and notifying them of ours.

Enjoy your weekend and review your progress.