The Friday Movie Post : Al Pacino's 5 best flicks !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 3, 2009

I guess I had to write this one. Everytime I would think of doing a post on movies, I would get stuck on his name. Al Pacino is easily one of the finest actors off all time. In my book he is right up there. Here I would list his 5 performances I loved the most. Let's get started :

1. The Godfather II : Not much to say about this one. I read the book by the same name, a masterpiece by Mario Puzzo, before I saw the trilogy. Pacino as Michael Corleone delivers the performance of a lifetime and earned an Osacar nomination. If there has been a movie close to perfection, it's this one. Might sound exaggarated but tell me how many people haven't seen this one and how many disagree with me !!

2. Scent of A Woman : This one finally earned him an Oscar after 8 nominations. An older Al Pacino is absolutely brilliant in an otherwise low profile movie. Pacino plays the part of Lt. Colonel Frank Slade, a blind and retired army officer and delivers some of the most memorable dialogues. Another out and out Al Pacino flick, though Chris O' Donnell delivers a convincing performance in the role of a prep school student.

3. Dog Day Afternoon : This is one of his lesser known but for many one of his finest. This one will make anyone fall in love with Al Pacino's character Sonny Wortzik if not with the man himself. A comic situation ending on a tragic note, another Oscar nomination that he couldn't convert. John Cazale as Sal, Pacino's partner in crime delivers a performance of his lifetime.

4. ...And Justice For All : Another one that makes it impossible not to love Al Pacino. Pacino as an ethical defence lawyer Arthur Kirkland defending a Judge he despises , is absolutely brilliant in this movie which made a great statement on he American Judicial System of those days, in its own satirical way. Another Oscar nomination.

5. Scarface : No Oscar nominations and yet thiso ne is a legend and one of his most remembered performances. A dark and violent movie starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana, an illegal Cuban immigrant who takes the drug empire by storm. Movie has a lot of profanity, what with almost every dialogue having the forbidden f word, but one for the Al Pacino fans.

Those who have watched these are the fortunate ones and those who haven't are still fortunate as they would have the time of their lives when they watch the Pacino Classics.