6 Best Movie Series !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 16, 2009

Today's post is like a poll. We have to decide which is the best movie series ( 3 or more sequels /prequels) ?
Here is my list :

1. X-Men : I loved this trilogy and the fourth one X Men Origins : Wolverine is coming soon. Just can't wait for this one. Hugh Jackman as Wolverine has been the key figure in all the 3 parts which boasts of a great cast.

2. Rocky : The legendary series which immortalised Sylvester Stallone. The last one ( Rocky Balboa ) in which both Sylvestor Stallone and Rocky made a comeback too proved to be a hit. The movie centers around Rocky Balboa, a boxer played by Sylvestor Stallone.

3. Star Wars : Everyone knows about it, right ? The strange thing about this series was the fact that sequels came before prequels. Written and directed by George Lucas the prequels were not considered interesting enough but the enormous success of the movie ensured that all parts were made. Theprequels which came recently proved to be even bigger success.

4. Indiana Jones : The George Lucas and Steven Spielberg combo weaved this magical trilogy. Just loved Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones the treasure hunting Archaeologist. The fourth part Indiana Jones and Kingdom of Crystal Skull which came last year too proved to be a huge
success with Harrison Ford making a comeback.

5. James Bond : I guess I don't need to say more. There has not been a more famous brand of movie series. I must confess I have joined the fan list recently since Daniel Craig assumed the role of secret spy James Bond 007. In my opinion Casino Royale was better than Quantum of Solace. Every movie of this series sets a new record on the box office. The Legend goes on...

6. Bourne Series : Matt Damon as Jason Bourne the spy stars in this amazing thriller trilogy. Based on the novels by Robert Ludlum, one can safely say there has not been a better fast paced thriller in recent years. The 4th part is expected to be released in 2011

Tell me if you think your favourite movie series should feature in the list.