The Best Movies Ever : Make your own list !!

Posted by Unknown on Apr 10, 2009

I just love to do this Friday Movie Post. Yesterday I had a discussion with my friends about whether they can make up their mind as to which is the best movie they have ever seen ( when I say best I MEAN ONE !! ).

We often find lists like the " top 10 hollywood movies of all time " or titles like " one movie you must see before you die " ( hope I see a lot more before I do die ).

But then when I try to figure out my pick for the best movie ever I just can't think of 1, not even 5 or 10 ( beyond that my mental reserves get exhausted !! ).
I was looking at my Orkut profile yesterday ( which I created 4 years back and is pretty much unchanged ) and I found that there too I have written " too many to list" in the favourite movie section !!

Many a times while I'm watching a movie I feel this one is going to be the best I have ever seen but a day later when the side-effects have rubbed off I realise it's not.

Tell me your favourite 1, 5 or 10 movies. Atleast that way I will get to see a few more to decide about mine.

Here are some of the best movie lists we can refer to make up our mind :

5. New York Times 1000 best ( I guess we can decide on 1000 movies when we see that many !!)

The list of movies I have seen till date. It hasn't been updated for last two months but I guess that's okay.

So, make up your mind and when you do, tell me !!